This website has a pretty long and descriptive name, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to explain just what exactly it is that my agenda is and what I will hopefully achieve with it. It’s more than just getting people in on good discounts that can help them save money on their next trip. It’s also about providing the full experience of actually being at a resort or a hotel before visiting them, so that people can see if they will like it there. This “full experience” includes going to such lengths as using high quality drones to capture property in question from the air, as well as using professional photographers on the ground to document everything from the inside. I guess you could say that next to just providing you with decent discounts on your next hotel or resort booking, we here at Hotel and Resort Discount will also give people advice on what places to visit, from our extensive experience as travelers.

Traveling on a budget is something that 90% of all travelers are forced to do. Most of the time traveling on a budget doesn’t include visiting fancy resorts and hotels. Luxury of a hotel room comes at a high price and that’s why many people tend to avoid them in favor of motels, hostels and other forms of cheap accommodation found on websites like AirBnB and Booking. Sometimes however, hotels cannot be avoided. When there aren’t any hostels or motels nearby and last minute booking isn’t available. In these types of situations, you just have to use a hotel, no matter the cost. That’s when it comes in handy to know how to save money via discounts and various other tricks that we’re going to discuss here on the website.

As a frequent traveler I’ve discovered a lot of tricks that can help people score hotel and resort reservations on the cheap. I use these frequently when I travel, and it has saved me a lot of money over the years. Now the ideas and tips that I use don’t always work, and depending on where you’re traveling, they might not help you at all. But still, I think that it’s a good ideas to be aware about these methods that I and many other fellow travelers like me use everyday to find hotels at a discount. My years of traveling have also given me a unique insight in good quality cheap hotels and resorts in all the more popular tourist locations. On my travels I always have my camera and my high quality drones with me to capture the full beauty of the places that I visit. You’ll see quite frequent posts featuring cool places that you should visit around the world, so stay tuned.

How to book hotel rooms on a discount?

Many people who are new to booking hotels don’t know about the methods that seasoned travelers use in order to save money when booking a room in a hotel. They can be had on a discount, and not just cheap 2 or 3 star hotels.

Even rooms in places like Park-Hyatt, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and other hotels worthy of aerial video shoots with my high quality drone can be had if you are lucky enough. It all depends on how persistent you are, and how much price hunting you are willing to do.


For example, one of the most overlooked tricks for booking hotels on the cheap is booking no-show reservations. No-show reservations are sold off by people who made a reservation at a hotel, a non-refundable reservation that they can’t use up for some reason.

They then re-sell the reservation on a discount rather than lose all the money that they paid for it. A couple of websites exist that can be used to get in touch with people who are selling their hotel room reservations, we’ll talk about them in the future.


Another trick that is worth exploring if you are a frequent traveler is checking if the hotels in the places that you visit have any kind of membership discounts. It’s basically a loyalty program that will help you rack up points that can later on be turned into points.Something similar is also being offered by airline companies and credit card companies, where you can convert frequent-flyer miles and credit card rewards into hotel room booking discounts.In short, there are many different ways how you can save money when booking a hotel, and you shouldn’t just give up and pay the full price.¬†You can have a relaxing vacation without worrying about the cost

Stay tuned for more updates

These are just some of the topics that I’m going to be covering here on the website. Oh yeah, I completely forgot about my lovely wife. I feel guilty now, but she is going to be dropping by from time to time and give some insights of her own. I think that most people will benefit from the advice on this website, so make sure that you come and visit often. We’re doing this for you after all. See you soon.